Motown Memories raises money, promotes fun

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Motown Memories raises money, promotes fun

Kelsey Morrow, Star Staff Writer

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           Everybody likes to go back in the day. 

This was the theme of an event called Motown Memories that was designed to bring people of all ages and all races together to help raise money for Rise & Shine Neighbors in Ministry. The scholars of Rise & Shine made book markers that were sold for $1 each at the event, held April 29 at the Straus Auditorium on the campus of the Brevard Music Center. There was a silent auction with many pieces of art, jewelry, and other donated items. People who attended also sponsored scholars for a week, month, or year.

         Rise & Shine raised a total of about $50,000, which was about $7,000 more than the organization expected to make. The event’s goal for sponsorships and donations goal was $18,000 and it raised $19,155. Rise & Shine’s goal for drinks was $400 and it sold $435. The organizers hoped to raise $8,125 in ticket sales and they sold $9,315. They made $1,020 from the raffle and $3,801 from the auction. With Helping Hands their goal was $12,000 and they raised $16,525.

         “We hit it right out of the park,” said Maureen Copolof, a Brevard City Council member, Rise & Shine vice president, and the organizer of the fundraiser, “It’s just such a great example of teamwork. So many people worked on this for so many months.”

          Rise & Shine is an after-school and summer program that uses the money it raises from Motown to help kids learn. In the summer, Rise & Shine is open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, and the goal is to get the scholars ready for school the next year. During the school year, the goal is for all of the scholars to be on the honor roll and to have good grades. During the summer, the scholars also do fun activities during the day. Rise & Shine is a really good place to send your children during the summer because it is a place to learn. 

         Motown is the theme of the fundraiser because it brings together people of all ages and races, just like Rise & Shine: “It appeals to a wide range of ages; it appeals across racial lines,” Copolof said, “We wanted to reach across the siloed communities we have here and develop that broader sense of community.”

         William Mills, Rise & Shine director, said the money “is crucial to allow (it) to operate after-school homework and tutoring program. It might also expand the reach of R & S to include summer programs and field trips.” It did bring people  together. Rise & Shine raised a lot of money because they chose Motown. Motown not only was an awesome event but it also help out Rise and Shine a lot.